Contraception and the Soul’s Dysfunction


God is triune, three Persons in One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. An understanding of this mystery can be facilitated by looking at who any one of us are. God made man in His image. So there must be a clue in us about God.

Any one of us must be a son or daughter of someone. We can espouse and become a spouse. We can procreate or adopt and become father or mother. So each one of us is, in actuality, three persons in one. Even those that do not marry or do not have children, still have that three-in-one disposition in their very being.  Triune man or woman, has an inherent potential to be faithful, like a spouse, or care for another, like a mother or father would. The Holy Virgin is a triune person: Crowned Daughter, faithful Spouse, and Virgin Mother.  In the capacity or actuality of being three-in-one, there is then mark of the Divine.  Note that this triune state is not contingent on having sexual relations, rather it is a primordial and eternal state of the soul.  The teaching and notion of the Holy Virgin embodies this truth. This leaves the sexual act in its proper place: the creation of life.

Contraception. like an illicit drug,  effectively makes a decision for you, it is replacing your will, a component of the soul, so the will weakens. In the case of contraception, the effect can also weaken the male’s will, who has to interact with the female in everyday life. Contraception produces a subtle distortion in the triune soul, leading to the soul’s dysfunction.  Male and female.

Now man in the image of God is created body and soul. Intimately intertwined. The body then manifests the soul, along the principle that form follows function. The bodily change that results from contraception contradicts the function.  With this understanding, such an alteration of the body might be expected to result in ill- effects on the health of the person. And it does. These effects of contraception have been documented in the medical literature but have been effectively swept under the rug by the main-stream culture.

The analogy of drug use is again appropriate: Illicit drugs block the intellect, will, and memory, components of the soul, and produce adverse health-effects on the body.

Dysfunctional souls are easy prey for predators. Without even mentioning the devil and his goals, the dysfunctional soul becomes fodder for the proponents of population control that deny the freedom, will, and the means available to humans. They believe in animal husbandry. You are a cow in a herd. You have no control over your facilities. They propose contraception while encouraging seduction, the continual hum of the culture. Just like the medical industry  creates pathology for treatment and the war industry, conflict for hardware.

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