MENALOGION: Fixed Feasts in the Byzantine Liturgical Year (meet your relatives in Baptism)

"Prayer is the light of the soul, giving us true knowledge of God." Saint John Chysostom An abbreviated online Menalogion of Fixed Feasts in the Byzantine Liturgical year for web or mobile devices. Designed also to introduce, rekindle, or support the True Faith. All images are public domain or copyright kalamation which can be used with appropriate reference. Contact us for errors, questions, comments, or even contributions. Note about wiki links: As is common in today's culture, some wiki articles err on the side of minimizing the history of particular saints. Attributing facts to legend or myth, in a pseudo-scientific way or phony intellectualism. In the setting of the sacramental life however, and God's extra-ordinary reach, it is unlikely that these stories are myth or legend. They are in fact more real than life itself as always is the case when God intervenes in the affairs of humans.